john kumiski outdoor communications

Photography allows me to share my perceptions with others. I hope my work conveys some of the awe I  feel.

Writing lets me share my knowledge with others. I hope it entertains and educates.

Both allow me to express such creativity as I possess.

Presenting them lets me share directly while interacting with an audience. Please make comments, ask questions!

I take great pride in my work. I hope that you find your visit here a good use of your time.

Thank you for your interest!


John Kumiski
john kumiski outdoor communications


“Dear John: 

“We wanted to personally thank you for your submissions and your participation in our recent and very successful ‘Open’ 2013 Art Exhibition. Attached is an Award Certificate(s) that you may print out for your professional references and for your art portfolio. 

Your artwork is outstanding and you should be very proud that your work was chosen from 673 entries which were submitted from around the world.

“Again, thank you so much for being a part of the Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery!”  -John R. Math

Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery