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My father owned a professional B&W photo finishing lab in Somerville, MA, a one-man operation. As I child I would “help” him around the shop, and gradually was given more responsibility around the chemistry and enlargers.

While in high school I worked part time as a darkroom tech at Photographer’s Portrait Service in Boston.

My first camera was a Kodak Vigilante. I graduated to a Konica rangefinder style 35 mm camera. The first SLR I bought was a Canon AE-1. I still have a vintage Canon F-1. I ran miles of Plus-X, Tri-X, Kodachrome, and Fujichrome through those Canons.

I took a photography class while in college.

The late Rick Farren encouraged me to start writing. I met him on the beach at Cape Sable while we were both on canoe trips.

The late Vic Dunaway, then an editor at Florida Sportsman, bought the first article I ever wrote.

The late Horace Carter encouraged me to try writing a book.

Those three gentlemen changed my life.

I have fished and taken pictures my entire life, everywhere I’ve been. When I moved to Florida, Steve Baker, Ron Rebeck, and Jon Cave showed me the fishing ropes. Mr. Baker in particular was extremely generous and gracious.

My father also brought me mushroom picking and fishing, often when I did not want to go. I’ve had a love affair with the outdoors ever since.

Jim Tedesco and I self-taught ourselves to paddle whitewater. We swam a lot in some really cold water in the early days. We got better.

Susan Surprise consented to marry me in 1980. We’re still best friends, two sons and countless adventures later.

I’m extremely fortunate to have some incredible friends. In addition to them and to my mother, all of the folks listed above were extremely important in my life, and the debt of gratitude I owe them can never be repaid.


John Kumiski
john kumiski outdoor communications

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