The Snook

This brute likes roots, and rocks, and stumps
and when she’s hooked she sometimes jumps.
She’ll eat down deep.
She’ll bite on top.
So don’t you ever try to stop
catching this clever gal.

She’ll often bite real well at night
near docks where there may be a light
attracting shrimp, and minnows too.
A small white fly may get a few
fish and maybe hook you, too.

Try on the flats
where she’s real spooky.
This type of fishing’s
kind of kooky.
You’ll need patience and skill
to get a bite.
You’ll know when
you get it right.

The fly gets crushed.
The reel will sing.
The line will sizzle
with some real zing.
The fish will splash
and run, and bore.
When you get done
you’ll want some more.

It’s called a snook,
a noble fish.
All true anglers always wish
to catch a big one on a fly.
So they try, and try, and try, and try.
And then one good day
the deed gets done.
The angler says,
“Boy, that sure was fun!”
For him perhaps, not for the fish,
who may just end up
on a dish.

Let that snook go
to make some more,
so that other anglers
will also score.
It’s called a snook,
a noble fish.
Lots in the water,
that’s my big wish.