The Copper Coated Crab Cruncher

The copper coated crab cruncher
just crunches crabs all day.
He’ll also eat some shrimp and fish
to while his time away.

You’ll find him sometimes tailing.
Sometimes he just sits still.
Sometimes he keeps a-cruising,
hoping his gut to fill.

He’ll sometimes be all by himself.
Other times he’ll be with friends.
No one can say why he does what.
On him it all depends.

They come sometimes as little rats.
They come as big bull reds.
I’d rather see them live and swimming
than in someone’s cooler, dead.

I catch them while I’m wading.
I catch them from my boat.
Some days I catch none at all.
But always I have hope.

I catch them with my spinning rod.
I catch them with my flies.
No matter how I catch them,
It almost gets me high.

I really love that redfish,
though he’s a simple beast.
Spending a day where redfish live
is a wonderful sensory feast.

I know this is a silly poem,
but I’m a silly boy.
One thing you can be sure of though,
redfish make me jump with joy!